Hi all,

I came up with a bit of a theory about the track 'For the Dancing and Dreaming' - Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson and Mary Jane Wells. For this I'm going to use the characters names.

Stoic and Valka start their duet which is obviously diegetic as all the characters (Hiccup and Gobber) can hear them singing. There is then the introduction of instruments which is on the surface non-diegetic as there is no one playing instruments in the scene.

The song that they are signing is clearly one that would be sung at social gatherings/dances due to dance routine and the fact Gobber knows the song well as well.

My theory is that the instrumental music we are hearing is not just to fill out the texture but I would say the music is diegetic for Stoic and Valka but not for Hiccup. This is because I feel this encounter is reminding them of the times they would carry out this courtship song and dance so they are hearing this music in their head. Studies have shown that the areas in our brain that are activated when listening to music are the same areas that are activated when recalling music. So them recalling the music could for them be like as if they are hearing that music all over again so could be kind of classed as diegetic.

I just want to know people's opinion on my theory or whether they have any similar ideas. Any feedback would be nice, thank you.