Hey all,

I had an interesting idea for a film scoring web service. I am new to this forum, and traditionally an EDM-based artist. I found myself wanting to learn how to score films and did not find the website I was looking for.

My Idea is this:

A website that provides practice scenes and short films for users to download and practice writing a score for. In addition, users will have accounts, that will allow them to upload their scores which will display under the video clip. Other users can then browse other people's scores which will play along with the video.

There will also be a discussion section under each video, allowing users to discuss techniques and ideas for the score.

There will be a separate discover section, where users can browse random films with the score a user has uploaded.

I have lots of other ideas about how this website could evolve and progress, but that is the basic concept and was wondering what you all thought about it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated