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Thread: Looking for a royalty free film score song

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    Looking for a royalty free film score song

    Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but i need help, so i'll try anyway. I'm looking for a royalty free orchestral film score song that i can use for my youtube videos. I hace search on different stock music site like Premiumbeat, Audiomachine, audionetwork, etc, but haven't yet find what i'm looking for, so i wonder if someone in this forum could help me.
    I'm looking for a grand finale/closing scene slow orcherstral song that include string, drums/percussion, with a dramatic/heroic/sad feeling etc.
    Here is some examples. (sorry that some of them got voices.) Y7lFRW5PMYmJcc1m3
    (Start at 0:44) (start at 1:00) (start at 3:35
    It dosent matter if a have to pay a price for the song, as long it is royalty free

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    If you are seeking public domain scores look no further than IMSLP. You can search by composer, instrument, period, etc.

    Downloading any score is free (although you will experience a short time delay before the download occurs).

    I have been using IMSLP for a number of years and have a very complete digital library of classical organ scores. I am also a subscriber on IMSLP which turns off the delays when downloading.

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    Let me know if this works for you!

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