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Thread: The sweet Killer - (Subtitled in English) Could we get into this situation?

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    The sweet Killer - (Subtitled in English) Could we get into this situation?

    Well, nothing is what it seems, nothing, but this time, and after watching the first part of the video, the song will explain the reality of that reality...

    See you!

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    This woman isn't wise about the implications of the theme of this video,
    but she is when it comes to making a video and using props to keep interest.
    This would be better right away for me if she was wearing a red wig,
    symbolic of being a killer, the colour of blood.
    It would also be a nice balance of accent for the upper right red colours.
    Why wasn't I surprised when it ended with a gunshot,
    a quiet, behind the scenes one too.

    Okay, okay, I hafta say it.
    Not bad for using a generic backing track.

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