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Thread: Soundtrack ambition exploring the creation of Mother Earth

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    Soundtrack ambition exploring the creation of Mother Earth

    Combining Soundtrack with Classical style in a digital production this tune was developed with the geophysical description of the creation of Earth in mind. In this way music relates to science.
    Therefore, I found this forum appropriate for posting this track:

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    I'm happy to see you're finding this forum appropriate for posting your track,
    but, uh, a geophysical description of the creation of Earth in mind,
    yes, does relate to science, but I'm not sure what it all adds up to.
    Right away, I think of Jimi Hendrix and his "Third Stone From the Sun",
    our earth, and how a Hollywood sitcom used it as "Third Rock From the Sun".

    I can say that the Scottish island is said to be the first land to emerge from primeval seas,
    with Australia being second, but that never inspired a song in me.
    And for all my Niagara Falls, all my life, I never felt inspired to write anything about it.
    I did write a small poem, one of the few I've ever kept.

    I call myself a soundtrack player, being into all kinds of music, and all kinds of sounds.
    But that's just me as a guitarist-vocalist, not a composer or recording artist.
    And I've got that left-handed thing happening, more than enough satisfaction for me.

    Are you hiding? Are you hiding here? Are you being shy, or self-deprecating?
    When are you going to let us listen to the piece that really made you,
    the one where you're angry, angry at your musician friends, who just don't get it,
    or your desire to live a clean life, if that's what you are doing,
    recording all alone.
    Fretting fingers want to know.

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