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Thread: Life is full of unexpected twists and turns.

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    Life is full of unexpected twists and turns.

    Well my unexpected tale is that my old piano tutor has landed himself in prison! Shocked to the core I am and miffed that my lessons has taken a backslide.
    Now seeking another tutor.

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    Were you learning how to hack into Hollywood soundtrack storage vaults,
    trying to get the original piano recordings of Misty and Somewhere Over the Rainbow?
    Prince moved to Toronto a long time ago.
    Other musicians are saying, that right from the start of his recording abilities,
    his would produce extra songs and save them, building up a long list of recordings,
    so that his family and descendants could be selling them for their own gain.
    He had a huge vault built into one residence, for this storage.

    Do you have a tutorial for that?
    Don't forget, he made "Purple Rain", one of the biggest movies that year,
    with rented 7/11 video cameras.
    He also had a top ten hit with "When Doves Cry", the only Billboard song without any bass.
    He wrote 1999 in 1978.

    Even though I'm an electric guitarist, I get inspired, listening and watching Frederik Magle.
    I'd be listening more, if I downloaded and saved, instead of avoiding streaming fees.

    and... elderpiano, dignity is a self-imposed quality.
    Get a cheap synthesizer, turn on a disco beat, and see what happens,
    unless you can get a free Thomas Organ with the Happy Feet option.
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