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Thread: Strange pricing practices

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    Strange pricing practices

    Two examples today that make no sense to me, a 10 pack of Jaffa cake bars for £1.25, next to them on the shelf 5 packs of the same size same product £1.40.

    Then in the DIY store, hobby board 1150mmx200mm £4.96, in the same rack 2350mmx200mm £14.25; now 2x 1150 is 2300, so why is the 2350 near 3x the price, surely about twice the price would make sense, both sizes were Spruce, they also had oak at a much higher price, that I could understand)
    Cheers MIKE.

    How many roads must a man walk down ... ... before he admits he's lost?

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    Marketing ... it's also cheaper to produce the higher quantity packages for the manufacturer.

    When we bought our last fridge in 2009 the smaller size we really wanted was $600.00 more than the larger one, which we purchased. The manufacturer (GE) built 100 of the larger units and 10 of the smaller ones in the same day.

    My favorite hot dog place sells 5 chili/cheese hot dogs for $6 when you buy 5. If you purchase them separately they are $1.89 each (which would total $9.54. It's far cheaper, and takes less time, for the food prep people to produce 5 for one order as opposed to 1 for an order.

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    I'm glad that Krummhorn mentioned hot dogs, and chili/cheese dogs, or I wouldn't be here,
    because my newest pricing complaint is about Kraft Dinners, what I eat instead of a bag of potato chips.
    And yes, a KD can be my easy meal for the day.
    Why is a Kraft Dinner important, you might ask first. I only use salt with popcorn and Kraft Dinners,
    using salt and black pepper with a KD, and that's the only time I use cheddar cheese.
    So it's not only comfort food, but a nice, hot and gooey meal to make. And easy, very easy.

    A little pricing trivia, first. In 1970, Kraft Dinners were 10 for $1.
    My new pricing complaint?
    Even at a low budget supermarket like No Frills, a single Kraft Dinner can be $2.49.
    But if you buy a 12-pack (a dozen) it works out to under 60 cents each.
    The 12-pack is heavily wrapped in plastic, another reason I don't like it.

    Okay, okay, there is a sad reality to any pricing complaint from me,
    and that's about what I'm worth, and apparently, I'm not worth as much.
    I'm sure other Magle members can provide a realistic appraisal.

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