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Thread: Compositions based on literary sources

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    Compositions based on literary sources

    Hidear community,

    I recently thought a lot about literaryinspirations for musical works. In my Œuvrethere are already a few pieces with are inspired by great novels. AsI was reading Philip Reeve's “Mortal Engine” a film-music-liketheme came in my mind.

    This is just a short snippet, but Ithink I will do some major work based on that novel (maybe a Suite?)and maybe also about the sequels.

    Do you have any suggestions,ideas or experience with literary musical rendering?

    All thebest,

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    I would never write a book inspired by music but maybe that is just me

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    What about comic books based on music, or music based on comic books,
    or people who live their lives and costume up as comic books?
    Literature is not only over-rated, it's too easy to use font to fontune up some royalty protections.
    No comic book super-hero ever sued a composer for using them as inspiration.
    Being modern and royalty free is even better.

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