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    Ghost producers are the complete anonymous professionals, who are hired by EDM Artists/DJ's to create their original tracks/remixes/Mashup's/bootlegs and essentially buys the rights of that creator’s work to release it as an original.There are air-tight contracts between the Artists/DJ's with ghost producers which prevent identifying the anonymous. Next time, don't feel cheated/lied if you found out the new song you love was actually created by a completely unknown, unnamed person. In today's modern dilemma of Electronic Dance Music, most of the Artist/DJ's hire Ghost producers for their record labels/original tracks. Dash Berlin: “I work together with other producers all the time and I am very open about it. What others do is their decision.

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    Interesting. Welcome to the forums.

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    Okay, okay, I'm old enough to immediately equate this with being a studio musician.
    Even rock stars had studio players get into their songs, copying their solos as their own, stuff like that.
    Ghost tracks represented some of the most compelling additions that a studio musician could contribute.

    Of course, electronica is more dependent on electronics as recording and performance than even Jimi Hendrix was,
    who represented the height of the British Invasion for psychedelics, contemporary blues and use of electronics.

    However, I'm seeing Ghost Producers in India, and while I'm living in the Niagara Peninsula,
    the area of the most military conflict between the British of England and the British of what became America,
    I'm a son of the Sons and Daughters of the Gael, who speak Gaelic, pre-Scotland, if you will.
    The amount of warfare here between whites and natives have left a ghost legacy.

    I saw the seven ghost soldiers of Queenston Heights park, one foggy morning during a recent, long distance bike-hike.
    Lazing on a bench, puffing after all that huffing, climbing up the escarpment,
    I saw seven people in formation, walking up towards me, shapes in the fog.
    They were getting close enough to make me sit up and prepare to be polite,
    but they turned and walked down an 1812 warpath, disappearing into the fog.

    I lived for two years in Queenston Heights across from this park, and heard about them,
    but never saw them.
    I hazard to say, that as a new aspect of the caste system in India,
    ghost producers have the same recognition as ghost soldiers.

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