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Thread: Hello everyone, Jazz musician / composer from California, USA

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    Hello everyone, Jazz musician / composer from California, USA

    Hello everyone.

    I am Joe Barnett and I am a Cosmic Jazz musician with the group Crystal Magic Orchestra.

    I have been playing Jazz for many years and we are recording a new type of Jazz which we call Cosmic Jazz.

    I have been playing Jazz and listening to Jazz for 49 years.

    Many years ago, I started out playing trumpet in a Jazz Band that played Count Basie music.

    I played jazz trumpet for 17 years.

    I now play jazz electric keyboard and electric guitar.

    Crystal Magic Orchestra's new type of Jazz is called Cosmic Jazz.

    Our Cosmic Jazz is music that helps the listener in many ways.

    I am looking forward to wonderful interaction on this forum and will enjoy talking about our music and how we create and record our fantastic new Jazz.

    An important part of our new Jazz is that we actually truly record through our Neumann Digital Microphone the highest light frequencies of Pink White Light onto audio tracks and then layer these Pink White Light frequencies into our Cosmic Jazz tracks and these highest light frequencies affect the music listener in wonderful and fabulous ways.

    Joe Barnett
    Jazz musician
    Crystal Magic Orchestra

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    This has to be one of the most truly introductory "new member" postings I have ever seen,
    even more than my first one, and maybe my fourth.
    You managed to cover a lifetime of music as a progressive history, and a jazz history at that.

    Far be it from me to be a downer, but the forums are the quietest I've ever seen them. is the only music domain I've been visiting this last five years,
    and the only forums I log into so I can comment.
    That's not counting listening to You Tube once in a while.

    Being Clan Watt, it's interesting you use "the highest light frequencies of Pink White Light".
    Are you capturing ambient pink white light, or are you generating your own?
    As an older musician, non-jazz to jazz,
    I remember when it was that shining silver seed or alien ship that would come to take us away,
    but I always knew the crystals would still be there after that silver seed never, uh, manifested itself.

    You might be the first non-corporate owner of a "https" address that I've ever seen.

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    Sun Ra was right: I'm an alien, how about you?

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    millions! I was uh, between residences, when I was last typing here with you,
    but now I'm not, hoping to be back to being a daily, if not multi-daily-visiting visitor here.
    Sun Ra?
    The first band where I owned the P.A. and step-van, being the lead singer, lead guitarist, my only hard rock trio,
    I named "Arkestra", and I'm sure you know where that came from.

    Avoiding the use of the word jazz was good all around, from our agent to venue owners,
    but that didn't stop us from jamming out and getting into some Coltranian and Paganinian cosmosis,
    even if some failed musical trajectories pooled, boiling deep into Hendrixian tone poems.
    Not unfortunately, or oddly enough, we never did do a song in Bb.

    I would have tossed in Bensonesque, seeing him within the same year I saw Jimi and Deep Purple,
    but most people would only remember him for his global pop hits,
    not the sit-down jazz guitarist who was winning Downbeat best jazz guitarist polls five years in a row,
    and only sang to do-do-do-doooo along with his lead playing.

    There are Sons and Daughters of the Gael who speak Gaelic, despite Watt, Hay or any Scottish clan system I'm with, never-the-less,
    bay-an-uck-let, blessings on you.
    You can be the alien, I have enough trouble being real.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Oh no! I can't say I'm feeling jazzy, no, not at alll,
    because I never heard this playing jazz onstage, as in traditional jazz bands.
    Oh yes, the many times I did hear, when I was winding down a solo, or tone poem,
    keep-er going, don't stop, or my favorite, John, play another solo.

    Maybe "millions" would like to get into the downers, of which I've had a few,
    and hear about the time I was invited to the organizers party,
    after all the acts had finished playing at the Toronto DuMaurier Jazz Festival,
    being asked twice to get up and jam on electric guitar,
    when there weren't any lefties for me.
    Yes, I went to a jazz festival and didn't bring a guitar.

    I never would have kept going, not with those international stars,
    because it would mean crossing that border into the disUnited States.
    Being asked, sitting with who I was sitting with, was better for me,
    Toronto locals and Ontario showband players seeing me brought the new opportunities I like.
    Is that a left-handed attitude?

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