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Thread: Posting of Specification lists

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    Posting of Specification lists

    I'm sure there are some who are interested in reading specifications of various instruments, but I'm not sure that I like long stoplists interrupting the flow of threads. I haven't made a rule about this, so I have allowed it, but for now I would ask that everyone be thoughtful and somewhat reserved about this. I find it disrupts the thread of conversation, and not everyone likes to read long specifications. If you feel strongly about it, send me a private message, and I'll think about how to handle it. Perhaps a separate thread or a separate database which could be referred to would be useful. But let's not put them in the main threads of conversations.
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    Did you know that there is a Magle Wiki contained within this forum?

    This might be a swell (great) ... ... place to input spec data from organs we play on a regular basis. I've been inputing a few items there over the past months and will continue to do this in the future. We can really make this a neat ongoing project that will be a nice addition to our forum community.

    Information regarding this Wiki can be found in the Area 51 Forum , a forum for MIMF member only.

    Any takers willing to help out on this project?
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