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Thread: now I'm Passenjah on these forums

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario

    now I'm Passenjah on these forums

    Okay, okay, you got me, or do you?
    My life changed and is still changing,
    and that's just the way people are acting around me,
    and treating me, with all of nature and human nature,
    opening up around me, so I'm changing and can only change.

    Passenjah, yeah, now just a traveller with a message,
    and... and... if I was standing on top of Niagara Falls,
    during the day when visitors could see me, not at night,
    I could be Riverend John, a proponent of the non-flesh,
    and that's the electricities and magnetisms of our brains.

    That's not only standing in a world famous current,
    and the site of the first commercial hydro generation in the world,
    it would be going along with the flow that's all around me,
    what's carrying me through all these changes.

    What's with this American based spell-check?
    It doesn't want me to spell electricities or electricitys.
    Don't they want you to know there are different kinds,
    and anything that isn't direct current has been made to be weaponized,
    with a lot of environmental electrical pollution as a result?

    My previous personalities, my new and adapted personalities,
    yeah, I might be eight different people with hostings of other souls,
    and they all don't like that.
    change... yeah... it's making me a looser man.

    For Sons and Daughters of the Gael who speak Gaelic,
    water is spelled watter.
    Something tells me I've known that all along.
    ga, to go, gae, being gone, gael, being of the gone.

    Amazing race, how code thou art,
    to rain such radiation down on me.
    You once were siloed, but now you're embossed,
    how hot a decoration you'll be.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    If there's one thing I build in my life that is more transitory than me,
    it's my two domains, especially the one about music, a secondary consideration.
    But it's back, after being offline, and I just went through it to delete and change content.
    Here it is.
    I'm still surprised gigster and gigsters went through as phonetics,
    thinking these words would have been used during older jazz eras,
    but no, there was nothing, they went through all the way, legally.
    Is this self-promotion, or a propagation of some electrical addiction?
    Maybe it's a blatant attempt to create a new link for General Rock Music,
    and Progressive Rock Music, here at, hoping to come out on top.

    I changed "contact" to "your feedback". Don't by shy. Your input is desired.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Hey! I had to be the first to try it, and it's all working.
    Title page will have a photo of me playing my '64 Strat in 1970,
    with a photo of a guitar I built before I finished my semi-solid-body.
    Now in a new residence, that's about digging up the photo discs.

    And I'm serious. I'd like to hear what members have to say.
    After all, that's only an acoustic thing.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Now that I've been Passenjah for a while, I have been passing through.
    Getting myself set up again in a new residence, means putting together my computer system.
    I'll have that all set up tomorrow, and the big difference is getting some sound happening.
    The first thing I'll do is listen to some Frederik Magle from the front page here.
    A store owner gave me some Dell speakers, good for voices and lower volume You Tube,
    but I never listened to You Tube much, not wanting to pay for streaming, finding it all too much.

    A supporter from Thorold, a stranger at the time, giving me a phone call over five years ago,
    said he wanted to help me out and sell me some speakers at his cost, a deal from Toronto.
    I'm thinking, sure, sell at his cost, but he said he was coming to Welland and wanted to meet me.
    He brought a brand new box of Altec Lansing for PC and MP3, 31 watts RMS, 62 watts maximum.
    Having a powered bass box was new for me, and the sticks were different too.
    They have a three inch speaker at the bottom, aimed at the table top, very wide sound dispersion.
    Next to studio headphones, which I use, they're as good as it gets.
    I used them for a CD player I bought, getting my first CD player,
    but now I'll plug them into my computer.
    I still don't like the idea of listening to music off a computer,
    but now I will.
    And I would rather give the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle some online hits,
    than download or save something to listen to again.
    And it's better to keep listening, and hear more of his playing, instead of the same thing.

    That's not following a set list, but travelling through all the output he's putting out.
    Hey! All this posting with borrowed computers,
    means I must have built up some photo credits, so I can start doing some.
    Working on the refinishing of my first semi-solid-body,
    and finishing my second one, are going to be next.
    I forgot how beautiful those pieces of wood are.
    yeah... imagine this... wonderful grains, famous Lake Erie shore wood from Port Colborne,
    medium maple, sized half an inch wider than a full-scale Fender Stratocaster profile,
    cut with the biggest saw at INCO in Port Colborne by a former engineer,
    top and bottom separated by less than an eighth of an inch, amazing!
    Stratavari, strat on that!
    I should be aging with some dignity, even if I see it as a self-imposed quality.
    But I just made up my mind, to start a new thread in musical instruments,
    and every day, do something to make some progress towards finishing them.
    I've got a huge work-space here I can use, leaving everything set up to keep working.
    My former guitar building tools, all stolen before, have been replaced,
    getting some deep discounts on power tools this last couple of years.
    I even spent $32 for a half-pint of 1SHOT copper, to use instead of purfling.
    Copper is the only metal the Haida of B.C. used, and only for decorative purposes.
    I want a Haida theme as artwork for the flat sides of the body.
    A Haida toque with an embroidered salmon symbol came my way, in Niagara Falls,
    and a Haida wooden bowl came my way last summer, thinking a gift for my next residence.
    That should be my first photo here, for sure.

    When Captain Cook, the British privateer, first sailed the Pacific, he came up alongside North America,
    making it to B.C. before he went out and "discovered" the Hawaiian Islands, and got killed.
    He said this about the Haida tribe he met.
    They came out in long canoes, ocean-going boats, and paddled around his ship,
    for around a half hour, moving very fast, singing as they went.
    He saw a man with the most feathers, sitting at the back of a boat, and waved him over.
    The Haida then climbed all over the boat for another half hour or so, singing all the way.
    Captain Cook said he never heard such singing from any choir or opera in Europe.
    He said they sang higher and lower than any humans he ever heard,
    with such deep changes between sadness and joy,
    he couldn't imagine why they would be singing this way.
    They invited him and his crew onshore to visit, saying it was a summer meeting place,
    having a summer village on the shore, He estimated there were over 600 inside.
    What also surprised him, was they didn't drink water, but a fresh water fish oil,
    which turns out to be the only thing the Haida went inshore to trade for from another tribe.
    If I remember, it's called opechin, something like that.
    Of all north american native artwork, except for the empires of the Maya and Aztec,
    the Haida are my favorite artists. They just don't have any extra-teresstrials in their history,
    even if they have oral histories of the glacial age and the great flood.
    When Jimi Hendrix toured B.C. and visited a Haida longhouse village,
    one of his songs featured this lyric, "the echoes of glaciers from long ago".
    It was sitting beside Lake Erie at Point Abino,
    seeing those deep striations leading into the water,
    that inspired me to think about lining the entire interior with aluminum,
    to make a deep ground soak and create a three dimensional balloon,
    to be interactive with feedback, far more than an aluminum plate behind a pickguard,
    like Stratocasters are.
    That's not offshore, small-scale Strats, with aluminum foil around the volume pot.
    The new millennium is in my brain, and all this technology is really strange.
    It's not very funny, the music that people want to buy,
    just listening to tiny signals beaming down from the sky.
    guitar solo
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    I just hafta add, my mother always knit the toques I always wore,
    as well as sweaters, socks and mittens, donating baby outfits to their church.
    They last toque she knit for me, when I was cross-country skiing in the late eighties,
    is the last one I've been wearing during long distance bike-hikes, and it's really beat up.
    Seeing one red toque with a Haida motif during a trip to Niagara Falls,
    and finding out it was a Salmon symbol, with salmon a serious food for Scottish people,
    is the only toque I've worn that my mother never knit.
    A transition for Passenjah, even if there is some sadness involved.
    And I've got a big head, needing a custom hat if I ever wanted one,
    and this one toque for sale fits so nice.

    Whales have been extinct along European and Mediterranean shores for a long time.
    The Haida probably sang higher and lower because they live beside whales and orca,
    just my thoughts there.
    yeah, when Americans think oil, it's about Texas and the Middle East,
    but it was whale oil and crushed Egyptian mummies that greased the Industrial Revolution.
    25% of the locomotives in American ran on Egyptian mummies, those dark black exhausts.

    If you look at a pair of the eyes in Haida artwork,
    especially the red and black on white,
    there is an optical illusion as if the wings are moving in.
    How's that for a welcoming sign when you're coming back from the ocean?
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    That was really nice, taking Passenjah to a new destination through music,
    listening again on a computer after over six months, my system being set up again.
    A meditation for organ, "Early Morning", and it is, about 6:30, even if it's still night for me.

    One early morning, when it was still night for me, and still homeless,
    I was hitch-hiking from St. Catharines to Welland, doing it all wrong.
    First, I'm a big man, had luggage on the ground and was carrying a bag, and it's dark.
    This gentleman was talking about hearing from a friend of his,
    coming off a shift as a bus repairman in St. Catharines,
    that I was out there hitch-hiking, and he came to give me a ride.
    Before that, a police officer saw me outside of St. Catharines,
    and offered me ride to the edge of his jurisdiction.
    Another officer from Welland came and parked across the street as protection, for an hour.
    I was singing "Message in a Bottle" by the Police while I was hitch-hiking.
    That seemed totally appropriate.
    It was a dangerous time for me, but I'm not the criminals.
    Being a different kind of passenger always works for me.
    And I can't say thanks enough. I left a $5 bill on the seat,
    and had to be sneaky to get out with it still there.

    now I'm Passenjah on these forums-hot-ride-jpg

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