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Thread: Karizmo - Fanatica New Hit

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    Karizmo - Fanatica New Hit

    Hello Poeple this is new hit by Karizmo Reggaeton Artist I love it
    what do you say?

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    He's lippin', he's sippin', he's whippin' that device around.
    He's too good looking, he's too wealthy...
    and he's not singing a language I understand...

    I'm not seeing him as a Reggaeton artist, from the Carib islands.
    I'm saying I-rack him up as Middle Eastern...
    and when it comes to following the words of the Prophet, who said...
    "If a man owns a carpet he owns too much".
    However, if I was spending time in a tent on the desert, I'd want a carpet,
    a carport, and a caregiver, if not a carousel of DVD live concert hits.

    I like the name "Karizmo", thinking it comes from charisma.
    We are all effende.
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