Hi all Thought I could make all you Mozart fans jealous, I am very lucky to be going on the Sat night with a back stage pass, (Saturday's Classical on the 5th is a new turn for us in so much that we're concentrating on Mozart's best works played by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Charles Hazlewood. The highlight of the evening is a piano concert played by the world famous pianist from China, Lang Lang. He will play Mozart's piano concerto No 17 in G, the detail of which will be seen through large daylight screens either side of the stage. This will be absolutely amazing, and is probably a first for a performance of this standard ever played in the country.) excerpt from the official program. This the same concert that launched Classical Tenor Tim Pitman in 2005 www.timpitman.com what could be better a picnic in the grounds of the Abbey a cool beer and the sight of sound from the big screens I cannot wait Cheers Sparky