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Thread: Mozart K. 608: help needed

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    Mozart K. 608: help needed

    Dear Members,
    Has anyone played or studied Mozart's Fantasie in F Minor, K. 608? I am interested in learning this piece but find it extreemly difficult technically, particularly in the fugal sections. If anyone has the fingering and pedaling that you feel is good and practical, would you please let me to share with? I am really appreciated for your helps.
    Jian Shi
    Houston, Texas, USA

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    Hi Jian,

    I am learning that piece right now for a performance in November. Yes, it is extremely difficult. Are you aware that it was not really written for the organ, but for a mechanical clock? Mozart, therefore, did not have to write music that was humanly possible to play. When a human tries to play this piece, there are things that just have to be left out, and the difficulty will depend on the edition you are using. So first of all, it is a good idea to check several editions and find one that fits your hands, and then compare it to the NeueMozartAusgabe edition if you have that available in a library.

    Let us know which edition you're using and you could ask questions about specific places and I'll see if I can help. But understand, this piece is extremely difficult for anyone, even virtuoso organists.

    This is a topic that you could move to the Pipe Organ forum, and there is a chance you may get more responses there, as it is a pipe organ question.

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