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Thread: dreaming of Sweden

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    dreaming of Sweden

    I don't usually like saying hello on forums but somehow this one seems nice and friendly and I 've had some fun already without even listening to much music!

    Brought up in Scotland but have lived for a while in Sweden and best part of a year in Denmark. My german girlfriend fell in love with Sweden when we went together for the first time in June so if anyone has about 3 million SKR to spare we will just buy a very nice cottage outside Gothenburg (my mum's home town) and retire there on the proceeds of the millions of sales of my Zodiac suite I haven't yet written.....

    OK, back to reality. I have fairly routine IT day job from which I can escape into music. Have relatively little formal training -it was a subject at university and I had both piano and organ lessons at school but never really managed to co-ordinate two hands never mind adding feet! But that doesn't matter so much with modern software. Once I made the rash claim to a university friend that I would write a symphony before the age of 35. Completely forgot about this until I discovered about this age that it really was possible to use computers to play music for you and produced a sort of symphony just in time. Since then, I'm afraid to say another 5 have followed. I have sung in choirs based in Scotland, England, East Germany (my all time favourite), West Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Poland. I've been living in Edinburgh for the past 8 years which is a long time to be in one place.

    I'm really a lover of the late romantic and enjoy nothing more than arguing about performances and conductors.

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    Welcome dko22

    Hope your stay continues to be enjoyable here on MIMF. I've found a wealth of information and interesting forums here, too. My dreams are of Denmark though - have relatives there and hope to visit in a few years.

    Tucson, Arizona USA

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    So, are you saying hello then?

    In any case, hello there dko22

    Glad you`re having fun- nice that you stopped in here amongst your many travels.
    ''Music, I feel, should be emotional first and intellectual second.'' - Maurice Ravel
    ''The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.'' - Michael Jackson

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    I guess this long waffle means I'm saying "hello"
    Tough question this early in the morning
    Anyway, thanks for the welcome!

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    Welcome dko22!

    It's great to have you aboard and glad you decided to say hello after all (very fine "intro" btw!)
    Will be looking forward to see you around

    Kind regards,

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