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Thread: music you stupid man

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    music you stupid man

    hi,can you help me?! i'm serching for a song of the film "you stupid man"! with milla jovovich,on the film the song is when the actors and yours ex girlfriens are on the bridge! please help me
    ...(sorry for my englhis i'm italian)

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    Although I could not find a 'trailer' for this film, the original music was written by David Schwartz. The movie was released in 2002. Possibly someone has seen this film since that time and can better relate.
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    I couldn't find any official soundtrack.
    But on David Scwhwartz's homepage he is sharing one song for free from that movie. Its a longshot and i dont know if it is the one you are looking for but atleast its something.

    Otherwise i recommend you to perhaps contact him through his website.

    Good luck!
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    hey i am looking for the same song, does anyone know what is it?

    the lyrics go:

    it took a long time to remember,
    it take a long time to beleive
    you will never find an ansewer
    i know that you will never see
    we all must take our chances


    hey hey hey now
    you leave it up to me
    i leave it up to you

    something like that.
    Does anyone know this song????
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