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Thread: Your positions and your organs specifications!

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    Your positions and your organs specifications!

    I have a proposal to make.

    First of all, before someone remove this post, please hear my idea.

    The rules are that everybody should be careful when they post specifications because it's tedious reading.

    Why not make a sticky (THIS post could be made a sticky) and then the people with positions can post about them and the organs they have.

    This way, first of all, we get a quite interesting view on what organs people have at their disposal.
    And secondly, we do NOT have all kinds of "big and great" organ specifications lying around. We only have the ones that people play on in their positions.

    What do you think?

    I'll give an example:

    My position is:

    Country: Denmark
    City: Viuf (just outside Kolding)
    Size (people): 120 (just about)
    Organ builder: Svend-Erik Erbs
    Organ stops: 7
    Manuals and feet?: Yes, 1 manual and pedals.

    The stops are:


    8' Rørfløjte
    8' Principal
    4' Hulfløjte
    4' Oktav
    1 1/3' Kvint
    1' Oktav

    16' Gedakt
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    Hello Simon,

    Your idea is a good one ... perhaps we also might consider placing this info in our own Magle Wiki which will eventually become a valuable asset to this community. I did this as an experiment with my own church's organ spec, listing builder, opus number, etc.
    Thomas Dressler is the Pipe Organ Forum Regulator, and should be involved in this discussion before too much is implemented, at least imho.


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    I think this is a fun idea. Let me think about how to work it. Lars, I believe there are other sites on the internet with lots of stoplists, like the Organ Historical Society. I'm not sure it's practical to think of making a huge collection of stoplists, but perhaps to somehow associate the information with the individuals posting on here would be fun and interesting, and would make for some good discussions about how to adapt pieces to individual instruments.

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