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Thread: Concert Experiences

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    Concert Experiences

    I'd love to hear of any unusual, interesting or special organ performances you have either performed in or been at, ecspecially experiences of your own organ recitals. I have heard some very humerous ones and would enjoy hearing more. Sometimes though, at the time it may have not seemed very funny.I would say one of the best organ experiences I had was hearing an organ for the first time. It was simply marvelous. Bill

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    Well, fortunately I've never been involved with any real disasters. However, about ten years ago I had one rehearsal with an orchestra of the Saint-Saens 3, on a 57-rank Austin at the university here in town (which I rarely play). I got to the stage, powered up the console, and of course an earsplitting cipher burst forth. It really got the conductor's attention. It wouldn't go away, so I convinced the stage crew to let me climb up into the pipe chamber, high on the side wall of the auditorium, and after about five minutes of a C# going straight through my brain I found the pipe and pulled it. The following night, I powered up the console and checked everything well before the performance!

    My most memorable performances, where everything just completely clicked and I could feel the audience hanging on every note, were (1) back in my grad school days playing the Allegro from the Widor sixth and (2) just a few years ago playing BWV 542...they were actually cheering at the end of the fugue, and it's in those moments of musical magic (whether I'm the performer or not) that I find God, whatever form he takes for you, to be most powerfully present.

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    Well, this is about a rehearsal, not a performance, but it is one I will never forget! My freshman year in college (many years ago!) I was scheduled to play the solo part in the Rheinberger G minor Concerto with the university orchestra. I felt the need to do especially well, as some resented, I believe, this annoying freshman soloing in a concerto! Well, the night before dress rehearsal, my roomate had made spiked eggnog for a party. I was not used to drinking (these days I almost never have anything at all) and I had maybe 2. The next day at dress rehearsal, I couldn't keep my place and couldn't keep the rhythm when I did figure out where to come in! Very embarassing at the time, but now I laugh about it. Nothing like a hung-over soloist who can't get his mind to wrap around the notes AT A DRESS REHEARSAL!

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