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Thread: Used Organs

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    Used Organs

    Hi all!!!!

    I have been recently informed that in UK some churches close and give theri organs for nothing or for very little charge! Does anyone know something about that? Is there any site that can inform?

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    I did hear of one in the south about 6 months ago, and it had two organs up for grabs. I did try to persuade my church to bid for some of it (with a view to expansion of the organ) but they simply didn't have the money. I only heard about it from a neighbour who was engaged as one of the contractors on the developement. I don't think it happens that often, and I have no idea how or where to get information. I imagine it comes down to local knowledge...

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    Hi Diaphone Profundo64,

    There was this thread about a UK pipe organ beinf offered for sale. It was referencing this eBay Posting which indicates the bidding is closed ... but being as how the ad is still active on eBay, one might conclude that it is still available.

    Hope this helps
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    I don't know if it would be any help, but this happens regularly in the US. The usual place to find such instruments here is the Organ Clearing House, at

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