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Thread: Signs Composer, James Howard

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    Signs Composer, James Howard

    I saw the movie Signs (M. Night Shyamalan) on tv the other day, and I was frankly astonished by the music, particularly the opening credits. It sounded almost Bernard Hermann-esque. This made me wonder why I've never heard of the composer, James Howard. I IMDB'd him briefly, and it seems like he hasn't really worked on anything else I've seen, which makes me wonder why he's not more famous. Any ideas? Anything else big he's written, or any reason why he's not doing more composing?

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    Hi zlya,

    Newton-Howard is by far my favourite film composer. His cooperation with M. Night Shyamalan has been outstanding and his music really works great in these very emotional and spiritual films.
    First time I really appreciated his music was when he scored The Village. By all means a unique music score - almost performed as small violin concertos but still in balance with the film.....

    You should also check out his score for Unbreakable. A mix between classical music and New Age in some parts of the film.
    With love,
    Rune Vejby

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    James Newton Howard is my fav score composer too!
    I'd also recommend The Interpreter and King Kong.

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