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Thread: Visiting the Sydney Town Hall organ

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    Visiting the Sydney Town Hall organ

    I am planning to visit Sydney in the last week of this month or the first week of July since I am coming to Australia, and was wondering whether it is possible to visit the great Sydney town hall organ, and also whether there are any particular times during the week where I may hear it being played? And I will be in Melbourne as well, so if anyone knows good organs to visit in both cities and if there is a chance I may hear them being played, please advise!

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    It is played (alas) only once a month. You can, by arrangement with City of Sydney's organist (Robert Ampt) play it ... but there's a fee (not sure what it is). See to find out contact information. Sydney also has some wonderful organs close to the Leviathan at Town Hall: St. Andrew's Cathedral (next door), Christ Church St. Laurence (also on George Street, like the Town Hall and Cathedral). Speak to Fr. Adrian Stephens there to see if you can't play it ... a small but wonderful organ, Fr. Stephen's can be contacted via (it's my church) There is a rather lovely tracker action historic organ in St. Paul's Anglican Church, Burwood. Rev John Kohler is the church's clergyman (a delightful man) and he is sure to let you play that one, if you ring him first (9747 4327). As to Melbourne ... plenty of wonderful instruments there, alas I have no contacts.

    For a guide to most of Australia's important instruments see plus loads of pictures (some good some average).
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