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Thread: Mew: beautiful prog from Denmark

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    Arrow Mew: beautiful prog from Denmark

    Any other fan of this great Danish prog band over here?

    This band has already released two wonderful albums: "And the Glass Handed Kites" and "Frengers".

    For those interested in comparisons, I would say they sound to me like a very beautiful mix of Dredg with Sigur Rós and Slowdive. In other words, awesome stuff indeed.

    MySpace of the band:


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    Still in mid argument as to whether Mew are proggies or post-rock? I go with post rock.However they are a good band Frengers is excellent.

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    I had never heard of them, but I am spinning "And the Glass Handed Kites" right now. Not fully convinced yet - my first impression is postrock lite.

    Still, more spins are of course required.

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