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Thread: Pipe Organ at a Department Store

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    Pipe Organ at a Department Store

    How about that; a pipe organ at Macy`s in Philadelphia. There`s even an mp3, which I am going to listen to now -

    Has anyone been there?
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    That's the Wanamaker organ ... will always be known as the Wanamaker organ (at least in my book). Yeah - not been there but one three CDs of this cumbersome leviathan

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    Our fearless leader, Admiral Magle, wrote a nice review on a Wanamaker CD.
    Here's that link (click here) . The article has some pics, too.

    I've got recordings of Alexander Schreiner and Virgil Fox playing this leviathan of a pipe organ, but I've yet to visit Philidelphia to see it in person - that's on my definite to do list for future vacations.
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