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Thread: The tragic life of Mitja Nikisch, son of Arthur Nikisch

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    The tragic life of Mitja Nikisch, son of Arthur Nikisch

    Hi all,

    I never heard of Mitja Nikish when I looked, well, rather heard this
    youtube video:

    Mozart Piano Concerto No.20 in D minor, K.466
    Orchestra: Berliner Philharmoniker
    Director: Rudolf Schulz-Dornburg
    Piano: Mitja Nikisch

    Then, when I googled him, I read about his tragic life:
    (scroll down). There is also a link to his jazz recordings.
    There could be a film made about his life...

    (my classical 78RPM and lp collection on-line)

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    J'ai connu Barbara, la veuve de Mitja NIKISCH, remariée avec le Comte Alexandre Vorontzov-Dachkov. Elle était alors très âgée Russe émigrée, elle avait été chanteuse d'opérette dans le Berlin des années 1925.
    Mitja Nikisch lui avait dédié son magnifique Concerto pathétique pour piano.
    A la fin de sa vie, elle a eu la joie de retourner en Russie, invitée par les Soviétiques auxquels elle avait fait don d'une collection de costumes de scène d'Alexandre Benois, qu'elle possédait.

    [Admin Edit] For those who, like me, do not read French, the following translation into English of the above post:

    I met Barbara, the widow of Mitja NIKISCH, remarried Count Alexandre Vorontzova-Dashkova. She was very old Russian émigré, she was an operetta singer in Berlin in 1925.
    Mitja Nikisch had dedicated his magnificent piano concerto pathetic.
    At the end of her life, she was happy to return to Russia, invited by the Soviets which she donated a collection of stage costumes by Alexandre Benois, she had. [/Admin Edit]
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    question mitja nikisch

    sorry, but this link does not bring me to any info about mitja nikisch:

    where can i find the article about his tragic live??????

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    I didn't realize HOW OLD this thread was until I re-read it!! Age before beauty, as they say!

    I guess everybody knows that Arthur Nikisch was a good friend of Johannes Brahms. (A man of excellent taste, obviously!!) There is a recording of Arthur Nikisch conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker from 1913. (It's good to have a direct link back to the great masters!!) Here it is, 100 years old!!!!

    And nascent recording technology captured the alleged voice of the great Brahms himself, no less, though his voice is barely distinguishable. (I'm pretty sure somebody has posted this on U-Tube.)

    I used to keep company with a gorgeous young Adonis in the 1970's who had a very ancient gramophone machine and shellack cylinders. (What fun we had - er, with the wax cylinders I mean - listening to those ancient recordings, while his termagant mother sat in the lounge-room wondering what we were up to!!)
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    Always wonderful to hear about this long gone world of Russian emigres . Have read so many memoirs of this period . So sad to hear abou Nikisch 's son . Seems he maderecordings . Band leader too. Can't wait to find out more !

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