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    Bwv 540

    Hi all

    Does anyone have any tips for playing the toccata in F Major - how to start it off and everything - finding it really difficult to syschronise left and right hands together - what is the general principle here?

    its one thing having the music in front of me but another thing actually producing a sound that resembles the piece in the slightest!

    thanks folks

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    Don't feel bad, I'm having a hard time trying to make progress myself
    on the piece. Keep trying.
    judy tooley

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    The general thing to do is start slow and play hands seperate. Unless you are a veteran organist you can't expect to sight read this. Practice is a different endeavor than performing or even playing.

    BTW Methodistgirl, please keep in mind that the word "toccata" (from the word to touch) is analogous to the word sonata - there are many of them. It is a type of composition, not a specific title. So if I was to say, "I'm playing Beethoven's Sonata!"... well, which one? He wrote 32 of them.

    Anyway, my point is that this is a different composition than you have talked about learning. Everyone wrote toccatas - Buxtehude, Pachelbel, even 20th century composers.

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