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Thread: James Horner

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    James Horner

    What do you think about James Horner's music? Do you like it? Is there any score composed by him you prefer? What's your opinion about his style, his scoring technique, his instrument choice, and so on?

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    I like Horner, though he is often criticized for re-using a lot of his own music. I don't mind, because It makes it more instantly recognizable when I hear it. Although I will say, my favorite score of his is to the Legend of Zorro. There was a great blend of action and thematic cues that sent chills up my spine. His recent Avatar was great as well - the main theme resembling a bit of Titanic but ultimately souring higher... Not my favorite composer, but do always look forward to his scores. Other favorites of his that I love are Troy and even Spiderwick Chronicles... (The atmosphere of SC was amazing)

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    I like Horner too - Some favorites are Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and the two Zorro soundtracks.

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