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Thread: Amazon's MP3 D/L is GREAT for prog!!!

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    Smile Amazon's MP3 D/L is GREAT for prog!!!

    I just discovered Amazon's MP3 downloading service. It KILLS for some prog because of the track size. While they charge more for Floyd's Echoes and Thick as a Brick they still miss a few great ones. I just downloaded the 30 minute Kohntarkosz from Magma Live in entirety for $0.99! Then i downloaded "I" by Meshuggah and a couple Tangerine Dream tracks from Zeit... all over 20 minutes and all for $0.99. One was $0.89! Then, I downloaded "Delerium Cordas" by Fantomas, which is one hour and 14 minutes... for $0.99!!! At that price its not even worth my time to rip them myself.

    What other deals can you find there?? Get em before they figure it out and go up on the price!

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    And I have found for myself here it
    The archive big also is regularly updated and is inexpensive
    I recommend!
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    Thanks for sharing guys I might just have to try those out later
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