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Thread: An apology

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    An apology

    To all my fellow Magle music friends, partners and users:
    It has been brought to my attention that my user name, Bchouinardjunior (soon to be my former user name) has caused confusion as to my identity here. The views that I have expressed do in no way represent those of the organist/musician Bill Chouinard nor did I ever intent them to and am deeply apoligetic as to the confusion caused by this and the misunderstandings that have resulted. Because of this I wish to clear any doubts concerning him and have chosen regretfully at this time to withdraw from Magle Music Forums to avoid further misinterpratation. I take full responsibility for my un-thought out actions and hope there is no feelings of ill-will as a result of this.
    My best to you all in the future and I must express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful discussions which I have enjoyed so much here.
    A fellow musician

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    To totally withdraw from MIMF is, imho, a bit drastic of an action. Yes, I might be a somewhat of a newbie on this forum and don't have any knowledge of Bill Chouinard but there could be another way out of the situation. But, if you feel it is absolutely necessary to withdraw, oh well, a loss for the forum

    Remain in peace,

    Corno Dolce
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