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Thread: J S Bach biographical information

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    J S Bach biographical information

    Hi all

    Where can I find out more about the great man - what he looked like (not in terms of appearance as we have the Haussman portrait but in terms of his build etc), what his personality was, what we know of him, what made him tick, what he looked for in his music, what analyses people have made of his music?

    Are there any decent resources around?


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    Hello Bach>Meer,

    You might want to read the volumes written by Christoph Wolff. They are as accurate as they come. Dr. Wolff really plumbs the depths of the Great Man JSBach without pride or prejudice. Refreshing really, since there is so much nonsensical post-modernist critique of JSBach which has no basis in reality.


    Corno Dolce

    p.s. Below you can read about Dr. Wolff's pedigree - Very impressive!!!

    Below is the page with books by Dr. Wolff if you wish to purchase them:
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