A Pakistan based band fusion band mixing Punjabi/Urdu sounds with Western beats.


Jhok Ranjan


1st Album - Sampooran

The tunes on Sampooran were written incorporating traditional material from the eastern classical tradition and adapting these with music which was based on the jazz rock fusion explosion of the seventies. To this end, the album features two Shah Hussain Kaafi's, Raba and Sajan , two traditional classical ragas, Ya Ali, associated with Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and composed for the most part, in Raag Verag Todi, along with Raag Darbari (Yaray Mun Biya Biya), which is most closely associated with Ustad Amir Ali Khan Sahib

Raba http://www.mekaalhasanband.com/sampooran/video/raba.wmv
Sajan http://www.mekaalhasanband.com/sampo...o/sajan_hi.wmv
Jhok Ranjhan http://www.mekaalhasanband.com/video/JhokRanjhan_hi.wmv
Andholan http://www.mekaalhasanband.com/video...lan512kbps.wmv

Raba Live at Govt. College Lahore, Pakistan 17th March,2007 http://www.mekaalhasanband.com/sampo...eo/raba_gc.wmv
Sajan Live at Govt. College Lahore, Pakistan 17th March,2007 http://www.mekaalhasanband.com/sampo...o/sajan_gc.wmv

Band Members
  • Mekaal Hasan - Guitars, Composition
  • Javed Bashir - Vocals
  • Mohammad Ahsan Papu - Flute
  • Sameer Ahmed - Bass Guitar
  • Gumby - Drums
  • Farhan Albert - Keyboards, Composition

  1. Raba
  2. Sajan
  3. Jhok Ranjhan
  4. Andholan
  5. Huns Dhun