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Thread: IMSLP has shut down.

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    IMSLP has shut down.

    This is a crying shame. The International Music Score Library Project has been shut down. Apparently there were complaints about some users posting music under copyright. What a loss for the global musical community at large. So sad to see such a great resource disappear.
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    Hi Ms. RoJo,

    It, IMSLP, should be back up around Christmastime or just after. The Cease and Desist letter that the IMSLP site admin received was a hastily contrived threat letter which some ambulance-chasing law firm full of shysters cranked out. Turns out that many of the pieces in question were very much so in public domain. The law firm never really bothered to do basic research. Click on the link below to read the latest:


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    I almost ran in despair when I noticed that IMSLP shut down, some weeks ago.
    But lots of scores are in public domain, so there is no reason to stop everything.
    Hope it come back as soon as possible.

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    Even if IMSLP returns as a subscripted service to defray server costs, I wouldn't mind helping to support this humongous valuable resource for organ music. Indeed, it is really hopeful that this site might be up before years end.
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    This is the first time there was such a websight. It goes to show you
    how little I know. I hope things look up again someday.
    judy tooley

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