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Thread: Euro-Indian sounds...

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    Thumbs up Euro-Indian sounds...

    I'm really lovin’ the new Rasa album - Saffron Blue (new earth records) - it has a unique Euro-Indian sound. A nice meld of spiritual and sensual… with sitar, sarangi, violin, cello, rhythm and synthesizer.

    Music is by Hans Christian and chants by Kim Water.

    Anyone have any recommendations for other similar stuff??

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    Well I think you'd also like the "Passages". Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar worked in collaboration for that. It's pretty unique as far as I know. It has this Indian feeling, all the raga stuff and Philip Glass' orchestrations. He is one of my favorite contemporary classical music composers. The result is very satisfactory. I absolutely love it. You should also check it out

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    If I hadn't played with Drastik Measures, pros from Dominique who moved to Canada, winning the Toronto Caribana Parade Band Contest their first year, I wouldn't be so hot on India and Middle East percussion, the rhythm of a lot of new music here. I grew up with loud rock drum kits, just listening to everything else. Hearing Jamaican dance hall and soki and soca always sounded good too, until I was onstage with it, loud and sweaty. Then I got into it. Sonically and culturally, thinking hand-made acoustic instruments, those Inuit up north have it best. Big round two to four foot diameter tamborine-like drums, finely scraped whale scrota for skins, deep tones with follow-through effects, holding them up and spinning them in the air. A combination of dense eastern rhythms with these drums would be nice. And as a polite Magle site warning, please be careful at home. These Inuit instruments, especially turtle shakers, at volume, can make pets urinate, especially cats. I hear that they had to install a governor on Corno Dolce's organ, so he couldn't hit that low, sphincter relaxing frequency.
    dibby dibby dibby dib. dibby dibby dibby dib.
    dibby dibby dibby dib. dit dit dit.
    The rhythm to the theme from "Dancing With the Stars".

    L.A. bario-Afghani-India fusion?
    Deva Dip Carlos Santana: "Caravansarai" or "Love, Devotion and Surrender" with John McClaughlin, the album I believe inspired "Shakti".
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