Grimlord arose on debris of black metal band Vallachia.It was the year 1999 when two mates from ex-group decided to shelve make-ups swords and nails , set up a new band and to play more melodious and more ambitious art.These were Bartosz Źrebiec (guitar) and Jacek Bagiński (drums) .A first name of the new band was Sinfull Face. Rehearsals were being held in guitarist's garage ,and after short time in Community Centre of Oława.The duo played only covers of such groups as Mayhem , Iron Maiden , Mercyful Fate. When they were joined by Bartosz Nowak (bass) , Piotr Karaś (guitar) and Julia Rudnicka (vocalist) , they'd been already playing two own pieces of music ,and afterwards they recorded their first songs on a demo "She's a witch" andplayed their first concert in "Winged" club , Oława. After some time the guitarist Piotr Karaś leaves the band together with vocalist ,and they're replaced by Krzysztof Myszkowski (guitar) and Bartosz Źrebiec (who takes over the vocalist role).There arise such pieces as Eclipse ,Vermin and other.Next they record a second demo "Vermin" ,again in CC of oława. Then Jacek Bagiński(drums) leaves the band for personal reasons , and Piotr Koszykowski comes on his place.Then come new songs including a famous "place of a rest"(miejsce spoczynku)-the one which has gained many favorable reviews and is still played on concerts. In this membership they start to play concerts ,the one of most important to mention is a performance for about 1000 people in Oława Amphitheater ,as a support for Carantuohill.In June 2002 Bartosz Źrebiec invites a tallented keyboarder Paweł Jakubowski-with who he's played some concerts. In October Bartosz Nowak (bass) and Piotr Koszykowski (drums) leaves the group. But that's not all cause the second guitarist and the keyboarded also applied for leaving.As it's said -it never rains but it pours. New people arise in the band-Tomasz Rzońca (guitar) , Paweł Chodera (drums).The part of three are polishing their songs in rehearsal hall in Wroclaw. Bassist Artur Zieliński answers for an announce given by the band ,and together with him Grimlord gives a concert in "Rocker" club ,Wroclaw ,with amicable group Antares. Audience was very amused.From this moment they start to give concerts intensivelly in city clubs all around poland.Their songs appear more and more frequently in radio and internet broadcasting stations.They've taken part in many motocycle rallies ,competitions and festivals ,i.a Mayday Rock Festiwal Głogów, Sudeckie Brzmienie Bielawa, Poznań Fest.The band gained the award for taking part in Rock Ligue of Jelenia Gora .They also went on tour together with Hollow Sign.In 2003 they make another studio recording a demo "Night visit".The material included on it happened to be very controversial and since then the band has got as many fans as enemies.There come new concerts with Tsa ,Turbo ,Ceti.The band gives periodical shows in Liverpool club ,Wroclaw ,then they move to a new training hall located in easy rider club,nearby centre of wroclaw .And here come concerts again , mini tour with Cracow's Witchking and Warsaw's Dragons Eye.In 2005 the band enters "Echo" studio nearby wroclaw ,to record another demo :Eclipse.After recording ,musicians break up. Bartosz Źrebiec drops bassist ,drummer and guitarist from the band. At the end of 2005 Bartosz Źrebiec ties up with a collegue bassist Bartosz "Orson" Koprowski and they both start looking for a new drummer to play with. Leszek "Lesmus" Music (ex-Grassnake) backed them up for only half a year ,then he was temporary replaced by Krzysztof "DR O" Drozd. Within this membership they make 13 pieces of music.Then Grimlord give few performances in Wroclaw.In July 2007 the trio enters a studio with a incredibly capable drummer: Łukasz "Lukass" Boratyn.

Line up:
Barth la Picard (guit, voc)
Orson (bass)
Lukass (drums)

- She's Witch [demo mc, 2000]
- Robactwo [demo mc, 2001]
- Live In Ohlau [VHS, 2002]
- Nocna Wizyta [demo cd, 2003]
- Zaćmienie [demo cd, 2005]
- Blood runneth over [LP, 2007]

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The final track listing for 'Blood runneth over' is as follows:

1.) March Of Martyrs
2.) Blood Runneth Over
3.) B.W.A.K.U.C
4.) Grey Eminence
5.) Crawler
6.) No Surrender
7.) Bitch & The Swindler
8.) Compensation Of Fault
9.) Resting Place