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Thread: Would You consider this Fusion?

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    Would You consider this Fusion?

    I consider my music to have fusion/crossover characteristics
    tell me if you agree or not and tell me why
    I think it would be interesting to here what you have to say
    listen here:
    its up to you! tell me here or leave a comment on my page
    thanks a lot!
    -Dylan Aiello

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    Difficult to answer,

    Hello Dylanaiello,
    your question is hard to answer, cause your music seems to be so heterogenic, that means your style differs. Most songs, which you are presenting on myspace belongs in my opinion to the genre of singer-songwriter with guitar in the tradition of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, James Taylor of course and also some bars reminded me on the country-phase of Grateful dead!! I recognise this style because of the elements of country-melodies and the kind of guitar-playing. So i would count the first song and "Submerged in Isolation" for the singer-songwriter-style.
    On the other hand you are composing pieces like "Helicopter" and "You create a song name", which contain a lot of characteristics of crossover or i would prefer to say fusion. The pieces are Instrumentals, showing elements of Rock Jazz and Folk, a little bit ambient or dance and let me think on bands like Weather Report, not the same, but the direction of style. Also use of moog-sounding synth and creative drum-parts and solo/group-division remembers on fusion.
    So to sum up you have two directions in your work: More singer-songwriter influence and another part of fusion-songs and everything is well-done, played and composed, though I like the fusion-songs without voice more than the others.

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    I like it when the drums kick in on Helicopter! Awesome! You definately surprise the listener there, then once again when it actually settles into a groove! Nice!

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