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Thread: John Ottman - revived score

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    John Ottman - revived score

    I read on another forum that John Ottman's 1993 synth score Public Access has been orchestrated. I visited the link and there was a sound clip there, it's a synthy/live mock up of the new orchestration but enough to give the impression that its gonna sound really great live. I hope it'll be recorded.
    There's also a pretty cool demo theme thats apparently been submitted for the new series of Dr Who there and something about a big suite from 'V' in production.
    Heres the link anyway:

    reel music

    Be nice to find out more about the guy responsible for this

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    Re: John Ottman - revived score

    For anyone interested there is some more info about the Public Access soundtrack on John Otterman's website here. I'm sure (hope) as soon there are news on the project it will be posted in the news section on his site.

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