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Thread: Les Claypool's brother ?

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    Les Claypool's brother ?

    What do you think about this french band ?


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    Hello, i have listened to your songs on myspace and i have really enjoyed your music. You have a fanatstic rhythm-section combined with little bit old-fashioned guitar, which reminds sometimes on Hendrix. I like this style of Rock-Funk and i have to think on Primus, Red Hot chili peppers or also older guys like Grand Funk Railroad. You are playing exceptional tight together playing well-created riffs and grooves i miss only sometimes a singer or a little bit more melody, so if you want something like an advice: If you want to develop I would look for a singer or I would compose more melody-oriented songs, cause until now your music is very very rhythm-orientated. The playing is outstanding of course. For inspiration i would listen to Grand-Funk Railroad for the singer-version or to Back Door, which features also a great bass-player called Colin Hodgkinson for the example of melody-oriented songs in a Rock-Funk-Trio (featuring sax and flute). Keep on the good work and greetings from Germany

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