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Thread: Fusion 101 - New Fusion and Prog Rock Station

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    Fusion 101 - New Fusion and Prog Rock Station


    My name is Luis Jimenez and I operate a new jazz-rock and progressive web radio station on Live365. I will be checking out this and other forums to get ideas and recommendations on music for the station.

    Website is



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    Hi Fusion! I'm usualy the one who listens to certain types of music
    on 365. Welcome aboard!
    judy tooley

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    Welcome to you Fusion 101

    You do not know how lucky you are to have found this incredible musical discussion site, the MIMF. You say your main interests musically are about jazz and rock music.

    So please enter the Jazz forum on the particular thread "What jazz have you been listening to today?" and you´ll find a lot of suggestions for great jazz to listen to from all over the world, and at the same time feel free to submit with your own suggestions of your favourite individual jazz musicians, bands and record labels from Charlie Parker to Steve Coleman or Django Rheinhart to John McLaughlin & the Mahavishnu Orchestra, from Miles Davis to Roy Hargrove or Ron Carter to NHØP or Thelonius Monk to Oscar Peterson. There are no musical limits.

    Looking forward to talk more jazz with you on this particular thread, but please enter any forum or any thread of your own choosing. Everyone here love to share musical experiences from piano playing to the pipe organs, over the bag pipes to the guitar syntheziser, from the oboe to the harmonica.

    Have fun!!
    Best regards,

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