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Thread: strange piece for funeral

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    strange piece for funeral


    I have been asked a music for funeral, for a small organ ( 1 manual splitted, no pedals)
    I have had this strange idea to try something modern, and the result is strange. I wonder if someone will like it ?
    Friendly yours. Jean-Paul

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    I liked your *tonal painting* with the harmonies you used - quite edgy If I may say so. I give it an A+.
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    Hi Jean-Paul,

    I agree with CD on the "edgy" description ... the unexpected turns for the listener - makes for a very enjoyable composition. I always first listen to your works, then have a second listen, following the score.
    Kh ~~.

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    I liked it. The piece was something new,different, and crisp.
    judy tooley

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