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Thread: whats this song in hello sister, goodbye life?

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    whats this song in hello sister, goodbye life?

    hello everyone

    pls pls pls
    i need ur help, i can't sleep because of this

    i know i'm drama queen

    anyways, i heard a song in the movie hello sister, goodbye life(a movie by ABC)

    i know that the music is by jennie muskett but i can't seem 2 find anything else.

    the song is is sung by a female singer and its about life and how hard it is.

    most grateful.

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    Not KT Tunstall – "Suddenly I See"?

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    Sorry I never heard it. Welcome to the forum.
    judy tooley

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    Hi Arcane,

    Welcome to MIMF ...
    Little to no information is available about Jennie Muskett's music tracks for the TV movie you mention. There was no "trailer" created for it, nor any soundtrack listing.

    It's entirely possible that the music, specifically created for this TV movie and being original material created/composed by Jenni Muskett, was never laid down in tracks for public purchase. This happens alot in movie music.

    Nearest bite of information that I could find was that the song title may have been "Beautiful Life", but there is no CD soundtrack of it available anywhere at any price.

    Jennie Muskett also leads a very private life - as is her right to do so - there is next to nothing available about her (no bio's) or about the music she has created. Can't even find an email contact point for her either.

    It certainly isn't worth loosing sleep over ... one can just stay awake for so many days, ya know ... ... you may be awake for the rest of your life ...
    Kh ~~.

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    Hi arcane,

    Welcome aboard the Starship MOMF where everyone is a star - Please do make yourself feel right at home and stay for a spell.


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    Hi arcane

    Sorry I can't help you, but welcome to the forum.

    Do join in and enjoy youself.


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    hello everyone

    thank u soo much for ur welcoming and reply
    i will not lose any sleep over it but the song a made alot of sense to me and i was in the mood to listen to it over and over again.....

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    whats this song in hello sister, goodbye life?

    Are you referring to the song at the end of the movie when Olivia decides she can't bear to leave Celia? If so, that is "Closer I Am To Fine" by the Indigo Girls... one of my personal favs!

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