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Thread: Mostly Autumn

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    Mostly Autumn

    Surely one of the finest prog rock bands around at this moment? Soulful, deep and powerful lyrics, incredible musical talent and great album covers. MA have just released their latest album, "Glass shadows", which I haven't managed to listen to yet, too busy listening to the rest of their back catalogue! Trouble is, you really can't just play a MA record once: they improve and grow on you with every listen.
    Any other Mostly Autumn fans out there?

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    Fan - no. But I do have a number of their albums and like them.

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    Another huge fan myself.

    My favorite albums of the band are the two first, "For All We Shared" and "The Spirit of Autumn Past", but I do enjoy all their releases to date.

    They also have some nice DVDs, including a Tribute to Pink Floyd that is also awesome.

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    mostly autumn

    Next to Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Pendragon, Sylvan and RPWL, Mostly Autumn is one of the most ambitious and talented present European rock bands I am aware of. I have been listening to their music for over 7 years and the more I listen to it, the better it gets. Catch The Spirit is a double compilation album released in 2002. Although not everything on it I like this is your easiest way of getting familiar with this band and most of their best songs are here. You should purchase this album if you like the music of Pink Floyd or Fleetwood Mac, Manfred Mann or Supertramp, U2 any one of the bands I have mentioned at the beginning because I can assure you; you will get to love the music of Mostly Autumn. Their songs are beautiful with heavy spiritual undertone and gorgeous Celtic influence, arrangements are great including violins, flutes and whistles, and all instruments are played on the scale of Pink Floyd. The band has 2 guitarists and the guitar work here is incredible. Mostly Autumn carries voices of 2 incredible singers, one of which Heather Findlah is among my most favorite female rock vocalists of any time. Besides Heather Angela Goldthorpe assists with backing vocals beauty of which can be noticed as well. Many people criticize vocals of Bryan Josh and I don't share their feelings. Sure, I can also hear his David Gilmour resemblance but it does not bother me at all. His guitar playing is superb. One thing I hold against them as a band is the inclusion of songs to weak for me to consider, had it been my decision to make. This statement refers to Catch The Spirit as well. However, the amount of superb songs they have created is sufficient. My compilation of their music, called Mostly Autumn Within consists of my favorite songs:
    1. Mother Nature
    2. Styhead Tarn
    3. The Night Sky
    4. Just Moving On
    5. We Come And We Go
    6. Another Life
    7. Porcupine Rain
    8. Half The Mountain
    9. The Spirit Of Autumn Past
    10. Silver Glass
    11. Heroes Never Die
    12. Shrinking Violet
    Most of these songs make up Catch The Spirit which also contains a few other really good songs: The Last Climb, Evergreen, The Gap Is Too Wide. So, here we have over 100 minutes of spectacular music and there is much more very good music on their albums as well. I hope that if you listen to them and hear a song you consider weak you can just move on to the next one. Sooner or later you will find your jewels and will love their music.

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