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Thread: Problem with Boss ME 50

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    Problem with Boss ME 50

    Hey, 'supp mates?

    Well I bought my Boss ME 50 a few months ago and faced a huge problem while using it live twice..

    The thing is..Whenever I connect the unit to my guitar then an amp and finally to the mixer/direct speakers the tone is a'right..

    But whenever I connect it directly to the mixer, the sound becomes too fuzzy and buzzes are also there..No depth, sustain, a total mess..Last night I went to a gig where they did not have any amp for the guitars..Had to plug in the ME 50 directly to the mixer and the sound just got clumsy

    Same thing happened in another gig few weeks ago..

    Well my other guitarist uses line 6 Pod 2.0..He does not face this kinda problem whether there is an amp or not..

    Is there any one who might help?..

    A well one thing, I forgot to mention..I use the mono output jack to send the sound from ME 50..I noticed line out and right amp jacks too..But never tried them..May be I am using the wrong output jack..I donno..

    Help me guys..

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    Welcome to the forum, I can't help I'm afraid. But do stay around, I am sure someone will have an answer.


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    ya..sure..looking forward to it..

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    Hi SwamP_LorD,

    Welcome to MIMF. While I have no expertise on your query, we may have members who will be able to offer advice on the issue. Sometimes it takes a few days.

    In the meantime though, take a look around this great forum. There is a plethora of ongoing music discussions taking place all the time. It's a great forum community and filled with lots of friendly people.
    Kh ~~.

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    Okay dokay, the me 50 bypasses the effects in moo mode also you wont get stereo panning etc, if you use a power amt use the line out .This really is one hell of a pedal,if you need the manual let me know
    My Stuff boss me 50 /line 6 pod2/M audio black box/roland GR 20/ couple of crate GLX65s..n a loada other studio crap i bought coz i was sick of buying stuff for the wife

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    It is not a problem you can solve unless you own a better guitar processor. I would recommend you to own a newer model that is capable of handling the preamp stuff automatically and has different types of cabinet section in itself (Vox Tonelab SE and Line 6 POD X3, or a Behringer V-AMP 2 would still do okay if you find them pricy). That model you have can't do better when used with a mixer directly.
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    SwamP_LorD! I know the Roland Boss too many knobs and inputs love... and confusion.
    I've got my own manuals and you can't have one.
    I just found out about this domain.

    Maybe now we can both be too high tech together.

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