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Thread: Where wild lyrics grow (and a few tunes as well)

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    Where wild lyrics grow (and a few tunes as well)

    'ello forum huggers.

    So lately I have been writing a lot of stories and all the time my pc was playing music from my mp3 library. At times I would pick up my guitar and rake those strings a few times to be off again writing.
    While I kept listening to conceptual albums from Pink Floyd/Water, Porcupine Tree and then The Who and moving over to Marillion and then back to Arena. There was also a lot of bouncing going on from Arcadia Fire to an Amos breakdown and recovery with The Receiving End of Sirens.
    I listened to musicals and the lyrics fed the chapters I was dealing with at the time. It all seemed so easy.
    But it never is.

    So there I was tonight and stuck as usual thinking of new things to put in my stories and there was nothing that special to come up with. No thrilling sensation even listening to my favourite eighties albums when everything was uncomplicated.

    Now the funny thing is that I started looking for more information on music and how it moves people and then suddenly I ended up here. I wanted to read about how music changed, enstranged, weirded out, captured, enthralled and even converted people and why they would love one type of music and hate another.

    That's when I just said to give it a go. Go from lurker to active and perhaps make some new friends, writing can be a lonely business.
    So anything you'd like to share with me about why music is so important to you or why a particular piece of music has been the turning point in a situation or even life in me you'll always find a good listener and critic.
    See you in the trenches.


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    Aloha Symphomaniac!

    Welcome aboard - Please do make yourself feel right at home and stay for a spell.


    Corno Dolce
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    *Socrates: "My opinion is: Truth is absolute, not opinion, and that you are in absolute error. Since this is my opinion, then according to your philosophy you must grant that it is true."

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    Hello Symphomaniac

    Welcome to the forum, glad you decided to stop lurking and join us.


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    Greetings Symphomaniac

    Glad to have you as a participating member here in MIMF
    You are certain to make new acquaintances within this friendly forum community.

    Sure happy you decided to change from Lurker to Looker - We do have a wide variety of discussions ongoing at any moment. Have fun ... and Enjoy!!
    Kh ~~.

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