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Thread: suggestions to become a guitar master

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    suggestions to become a guitar master

    I admire this person. He looks so cool in playing his guitar...I want to be like him someday...What do you think of him? His video is entitled,Death Crystal Mountaine with solo at 11 months. He can already play like that in just 11 months!!! Is he good? Any suggestions?

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    Aloha bluebird - Welcome aboard! Please do make yourself feel right at home and stay for a spell.

    Thats not terribly difficult playing being shown - Check out the vid below:

    Playing like this takes alot of blood, sweat, and tears baby. Get a good guitar pedagogue and start practicing as if your life depended on it.


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    Welcome to the forum. Now about being a guitar master first you need
    to know how to play a guitar before you can master the instrument.
    I started playing one when I was twelve and now I'm 48. There are
    things that I haven't learned on the guitar yet. But like they say "practice
    makes perfect". I used to watch those like Eddy Van Halen, Steve Vai,
    Malsteem, and Joe Satrini. I love their playing because of the hot licks.
    After trying to play like them I realize that heavy metal is not my gig.
    Now when I play the guitar, I'm happy with an acoustic guitar in my
    lap playing country. Even I still enjoy playing along with the likes of
    Electric Light Orchestra, Moody Blues, and Neil Diamond. If you like
    to become a master you might like this!YouTube - Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien
    judy tooley
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    HI bluebird. there are an infinity of ways to learn guitar playing. i started at age 18 or 19 and never really stopped playing until now, though there are some blank moments due to life and its imperatives. i started on the electric guitar my brother had bought some time before, a Samick, fender stratocaster replica. There were only four strings on that guitar, so i learned melodies, as many beginners do, note by note, almost like a bass player. Then when i felt i could play a little more and wanted to play and record my music in better conditions, i bought a gibson SG special, quite cheap at the time. It was only some years ago that i bought an acoustic guitar. Nylon strings. Very cheap, not sounding incredible, but actually i have recorded all my acoustics parts for my music with it. i'm not a professionnal but i can pretend to have achieved some "hearable" sounds, although far from perfect. I started playing different chords, rythm tracks, more seriously only when i got that acoustic guitar. i still can't write or read music, and never used any "tablatures" like those you can find in the magazines. But i can play chords, i can reproduce melodies and riffs, and i can improvise as well.

    here's my story. yours is already different of course, and i'm sure you'll get your own way of playing. most of all, HAVE FUN!

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    We've gone from how many guitarists here to how to play guitar. I've got to add something, and typing this I'm thinking musical, but I'm remembering those humid summer days and evenings at the rowing club, hand-lettering sculls inside. The canal water would be washing up over forty feet towards the buildings when a lakeboat passed in the new bypass. The floating docks would jingle the chains. And teams of rowers would be passing by, a dripping canoe over their shoulders. Canadian National and Olympic team members would be camping for weeks. I was surprised there were no rowing machines. What did they all say to my half-concentrating questioning? No-one gives you medals to be the best rowing machine rower.

    Please, stand up right away. Move your body to the beat, or rhythm, so your hands can play off that. Use your thumb for two strings and place your fingers on the others. Pluck each string on the way up with four fingers and decide which string to use with your thumb. Practice up and down without your thumb, or use your thumb with your little finger as part of a pattern. Do this walking around and use your other hand to do things and forget you are working patterns. Think of your finger and string identification as the template for your style. Rest either hand on a surface and tap with your outer fingers, your inner fingers and then middle finger. Tap your foot and play your fingers along evenly in time. Work up speed and exercise without a guitar.

    A lot of rock star electric guitar is loud and you have to play when what you are doing has no acoustic relationship to what you are playing and hearing. Consistent and scientifically tuned string action is the only thing pulling you through. You only really need a hard, little pick for faster single note riffage and pick effects, or having a consistent and clean signal generation and a quantifyable attack for propogating deep effects. That's what Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Robin Trower and Jaco Pastorius had when I heard them, and that's how they played.
    Good luck!
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