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Thread: Pipe Organs in India.

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    Pipe Organs in India.

    hello friends,

    I'm a lover of pipe organs and organ music. It is really a sad thing that in India we don't have large pipe organs. but we do have smaller pipe organs. i have posted a few photographs of pipe organs in India(pipe organ gallery). In India we may have hardly 100 pipe organs of which more than half are in a state of decay and not in use.

    the rest are working with less than 25% efficiency. The climate , dust and lack of proper maintenance are three villains which causes the death of these organs.
    lack of skilled repairers is another problem. If we want to repair the organ we have to get them from abroad.
    the last few which are still working are being renovated by pipe organ enthusiasts.......a glimmer of hope is still there.........

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    nice photos!
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