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Thread: Most Sad/Tragic OST Pieces-PLEASE READ :'(

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    Most Sad/Tragic OST Pieces

    Hi there...lately i've been really into really beautiful, but really sad and tragic pieces off ost's (and no im not a depresso or anything ^^)...i have a fair collection already, but have been listening to the same pieces over n over again...the last thing i wanna do is war out the beauty of these pieces and was wondering if u guy could maybe...i dunno, give me ur top 5 saddest ost pieces? or ones along the lines of the examples here (NOT in any particular order of enjoyment ^^), the ones with stars are the ones i like most out of all ^^:
    1. Coffey on the mile- Green Mile ost***
    2. Way of the sword- Last Samurai ost***
    3. Tears in the sand- End of the spear ost (VERY RARE but 10/10)
    4. Corynorhinus- Batman Begins ost***
    5. F.U.B- Lucky # Slevin ost
    6. Ghosts- Road to Perdition ost
    7. Journey to the line- Thin Red Line ost***
    8. Execution-Bannockburn- Braveheart ost
    9. Sorrow- Gladiator ost
    10. Brian eno- An ending/Ascent- Apollo 13 ost
    11. To the stars- Dragonheart ost***
    12. Grey Havens- LOTR: Return of the King ost***
    13. Prize of one's life- Beautiful Mind ost
    14. Remembering Childhood- Hook ost
    15. Finale- Sunshine ost (unreleased)
    16. This land- Lion King ost
    17. Everytime you touch the ice- Mighty Ducks III ost
    18. Rose- Titanic
    19. The Last- Tae Guk Gi ost (VERY RARE but 10/10)
    20. One Day- Pirates-Caribbean: World's End ost
    21. Danilov's Confession- Enemy at the Gates ost
    22. Adagio for strings- Platoon ost
    23. These brave irishman- Gods & Generals ost
    24. Amon Hen (second half)- LOTR: Fellowship of the Rings ost
    25. Anakin's Betrayel- Star wars III-Revenge of Sith ost ***
    26. The Burning Bush- The Prince of Egypt ost
    27. Mary goes to Jesus- The passion of the christ ost***
    28. Crucifixion- The passion of the christ ost
    29. Protected by angels- Babe, pig in the city ost (RARE)
    30. Love Theme- Armageddon ost***
    31. Launch- Armageddon ost
    32. Epitaph to war- Glory ost
    33. Murphy's Body- Ghostship ost
    34. Calm after the storm- The alamo ost
    35. Final departure- We were soldiers ost
    36. Only the beginning of the adventure- Narnia: LTWATW ost
    37. The Great Eatlon- Lady in the water ost
    38. End Credits- Lady in the water ost***
    39. Those we don't speak of- The village ost
    40. All of them!- King Arthur ost***

    ...*phew*...thats enough, i should stop, i know thats a fairly....'detailed' example list...but are there any pieces (most related to the ones with stars) among these many ost's that i have missed worth grabbing? PLEASE help me, i dont wanna bore myself of the same music...any ideas?

    PS: u know of any pieces that get into that......tranquil, celestial mood? plenty of strings....i cant really explain youtube, search up Way of the sword- Last Samurai ost, and journey to the line-Thin red line ost.....the thing im talking about is in the later half of these two songs.....any ideas?

    Thanks a bundle guys, any help would be AWESOME. Thx ^^
    - Nathan, uber soundtrack lover.

    hey all, i've been collecting soundtraqcks for many years fav tracks being those that have a sad/meloncholy tone. i've got soundtracks stretching from lord of the rings to white squall...a ton...however i am starting to run out of new soundtracks to find...(every movie i ever watch now, im listening to the score)...anyone able to assist? any soundtracks or songs you think i may have missed? (if its like a mainstream movie...something like gladiator, last samurai, or LOTR......i got probably stuff that comes out of less-known flicks, or b-movies...or just stuff you think is so good you need to share it ^.^) Some people have actually given my some tracks from anime cartoons which were absolutely 'superb'...some more of those would be AWESOME ^.^
    Examples of a few (just to give you a flavor of what i mean):
    - the way of the sword 2nd half- last samurai ost
    - coffey on the mile- green mile ost
    - end titles- lady in the water ost
    - now we are free 2nd half- gladiator ost
    - coryhinus (something like that)- batman begins ost

    Thanks all, looking forward to hearing your ideas and opinions ^.^
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    Jussumdude--don't know if you're checking back at all, but here are some good ones:

    Eleni Karaiandrou--Ulysses' Gaze ost. The 10th track is a nice suite of laments, but the whole disc is pretty sad.
    Michael Kamen--Iron Giant ost. "No Following"
    Akira Senju--The Mystery of Rampo ost. Love Theme, Main Titles
    Ennio Morricone--Once Upon a Time in America theme, Gabriel's Oboe from The Mission
    Clint Mansell--Requiem for a Dream ost. Winter: Lux Aeterna
    Anne Dudley--American History X ost. Benedictus, Two Brothers--a lot of this soundtrack is lush sad strings work.

    One that isn't a soundtrack, but has the kind of Thin Red Line strings you're looking for is John Tavener's Tears of the Angels.

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    Ending Theme - Moon Child - Goro Yasukawa
    II. Vienna, The Monastery - The Red Violin
    Bounty Hunter - (From the video game OST) Advent Rising - Tommy Tallarico

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    Here are a few I believe you might like:
    - First Snow - Clint Mansell (The Fountain)
    - The Half Killed - Dario Marianelli (Atonement)
    - Una Princesa and Ofelia - Javier Navarette (Pan's Labyrinth)
    - The Poet Acts - Philip Glass (The Hours)
    - Mathilde's Theme - Angelo Badalamenti (A Very Long Engagement)

    There's also Chevaliers de Sangreal by Hans Zimmer (The Da Vinci Code) which I'm almost sure you're gonna like.

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    without doubt, you will want to hear the title theme to "Casualties of war", by ennio morricone.

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    On Jonathan Livingston Seagull the sad pieces are Dear Father,
    and Lonely looking Sky,and Be.
    judy tooley

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    If you want to cry the you should listen to:
    Eli's Theme -Let the Right one in by Johan Söderqvist

    It always makes me cry

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    Guitly - The Other Boleyn Girl OST (Paul Cantelon)
    The Execution - The Other Boleyn Girl OST (Paul Cantelon)
    The complete score - Schindler's List OST (John Williams)
    Wolrd Trade Center Cello Theme - Wolrd Trade Center OST (Craig Armstrong)
    Time - Inception (Hans Zimmer)
    Comptine d'Un Autre Ete - Amélie Poulin (Yann Tiersen)

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    G.F.Handel Sarabande, was played in many films

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    A few additional suggestions

    These are all wonderful suggestions. A few others that may fit the bill of sad or at least reflective:

    Ice Dance - Edward Scissorhands (Danny Elfman)
    Carol Anne's Theme - End Credits - Poltergeist (Jerry Goldsmith)
    Rain in Venice - Brideshead Revisited (Geoffrey Burgeon)
    Sunrise - Stay Gold - The Outsiders (Carmine Coppola/Bill Hughes)
    Ballroom Suite - Witches of Eastwicke (John Williams)

    And if you really want to suffocate in the throes of realizing that time is fleeting and we're all here only a few brief seconds, and how magical your past has been and if you want to experience that almost child-like wonder of wanting to go back in time:
    Peggy Sue's Homecoming - Peggy Sue Got Married (John Barry)
    And of course, almost any track from Somewhere in Time, also by Barry.

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