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Thread: Newbie from UK south coast

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    Newbie from UK south coast

    Hi all, I listen to most things musical except pop, and most modern classical, however in my view much of that does not come within my definition of music.

    Having reached my 70s I've seen and heard a lot of change, not seen much live classical, but quite a fair amount of Jazz, including some of what I consider the greats, Basie, Ellington and Herman big bands, Shearing, MJQ, Shelley Manne, & Ella Fitzgerald among others. Best concert I think was the Modern Jazz Quartet at Birmingham Town Hall in about 1967 magic!

    Classical preferences lean towards the earlier years, Purcell, Byrd, Tallis, Bach, Couperin, Monteverdi, particularly choral and keyboard works. Up to about age 40 I belonged to a number of small choral groups, singing counter tenor, until the demon nicotine started to have an adverse effect.

    I currently spend quite a bit of time online, especially during the winter months. Most of the time listening to Last.FM with a very varied selection.

    Cheers MIKE

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    Welcome to MIMF, Mike

    I share your enthusiasm for Ellington and that Swing Era of jazz ... there aren't enough O's in smooooooth to describe that music.

    We hope you will enjoy your time here ... looking forward to seeing you about the boards.
    Kh ~~.

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    Hello Mike,

    Welcome to the forum, good to have you here.

    Do spend some of your time online in this great place.


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    Aloha mike,

    Welcome aboard! Please do make yourself feel right at home and comfy on MIMF and do plan on staying for a spell as this forum is highly addictive.


    Corno Dolce
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