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Thread: Question about a violin's worth

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    Question about a violin's worth

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums. When it comes to guitars, I'm pretty aware of the worth of different models. But I have a violin that I can't seem to find much info on and wanted to see if I could get some help in here. I have what I believe is a "cheap" knockoff, but wanted to confirm. The label on the inside reads: Giovan paolo Maggini brescia 1636, with another stamp with the initials R. Sch. 18 80. Any ideas on what this violin is worth? I don't play violin, and have no aspirations to do so. It holds no special meaning to me, and I was going to try and sell it, but only if it's worth it. If it's only worth a couple hundred bucks at most, I'll just hold on to it, and maybe a family member could use it. Thanks!

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    Maggini succumbed to the Bubonic Plague in 1631 - Methinks you have a knock-off on your hands since the violin is dated 1636. However, it might be worth several thousand dollars if you go to a professionally recognised and authorised violin Luthier to have them look at it to ascertain the year of the wood and other factors.
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