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Thread: I'm stumped!

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    I'm stumped!

    Could anybody identify this music from this video?YouTube - Betelgeuse Surface Video + Going Supernova
    judy tooley

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    Aloha Ms. Judy,

    I wonder if the album is called *The Silent Force*? And the track is entitled *Within Temptation*?


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    Just Googled the Silent Force, "Within Temptation" appears to be the name of a Dutch group and Silent Force a track of theirs, sounds nothing like the one Judy is after. Could it be another track by that group though?

    There is an entry for Within Temptation in Wikipedia, maybe somebody could trawl through the discography and do a search on the titles in Youtube; not my sort of music otherwise I might have had a go, there are over 50,000 entries for Within Temptation on youtube!!!
    Cheers MIKE.

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    According to the comments the original music was replaced within the past 20 hours. It still could be Within Temptation that Judy heard in the original version.

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