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Thread: Grand Choral en Si Mineur Hommage a Cesar Franck

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    Grand Choral en Si Mineur Hommage a Cesar Franck

    HOMMAGE A CESAR FRANCK - A long piece (11:20) very inspired by the Great Master's choral in B minor.
    Started in 2007, this music has need 37 hours of work for writing more than 6200 notes.

    The Hi-quality MP3 is a 15 Mb file, so downloading may take a few minutes.

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    Aloha J.P.

    WOW!!!!!!! I am in great admiration of your treatment of Maitre Franck's Chorale in B-minor - It is truly stunning what you have done.

    Bravo dear sir to you and your craft of music.

    Respectfully yours,

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    Enjoyed it very much. Well done and exacuted. Thanks

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